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You can help give everyone in the world a digital Bible to access on their phone or computer

Donation website is

On a phone in the Bible app go to More (three lines) then About  and then Donate

Donation page specifications

  • The donation site has been updated to accept donations with three methods
  • You can make a one time gift or make regular scheduled donations
  • You can also track your scheduled donations and giving total

Personal information

  1. First Name / Last Name
  2. Address - include apartment number or unit number
  3. Address - Street or other information such as rural route 
  4. City (This is a mandatory field)
  5. State/Province (if it applies)
  6. Postal - record your zip or postal code 
  7. Country

Donation Methods

  1. Select the desired donation method
    • Credit/Debit - Fill in the card number and expiry date
    • eCheck (In United states Only) - Electronic debits can only be made from your personal checking account with United States banks. Look at one of your blank cheques to get the Routing Number, and  Account Number
    • Paypal
  2. Select Add Donate Method to get to next step
  3. Regular Mail - You can mail a check or money order to:
    YouVersion Team
    4600 E. 2nd St.
    Edmond, OK  73034


Scheduled Donations

Giving History and Totals

​Tax information

  • All donations are calculated in US Dollars and are used to support the Bible apps and site by 
  • If you have other questions please email
  • For in depth questions, we encourage you to seek independent tax advice

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