Bible Reader—how to return to where you left off on iOS

Updated 10 months ago by Val Weinstein

The Bible Reader in the Bible App is supposed to open right where you left it.  However, you cannot always count on this to occur.

Here are some methods for keeping track of reading through the Bible.

Daily Reading Plan Method

Select Plans on the bottom navigation bar.

Then select Find Plans.

Select Help Me Find a Plan and then in the Show Me Plans For .... section

select Through the Bible. Here you can choose a whole Bible reading plan that will help you keep track of what you've read

History Feature Method

If you don't want to do a reading plan, you can use the History feature to return to where you left off. Below is a link to a video that demonstrates the process

Bookmarks Method

Below is an approach to use a “temporary” bookmark every time you stop your reading, similar to a bookmark in a paper Bible.

When you are ready to stop reading

  1. Select the verse that you want to start with next time
  2. Select Bookmark from the pop up menu
  3. Type in a short Title like “LO” or “Left Off” (no Label, no color)
  4. Select SAVE
  5. When you are ready to return to where you left off
    • Select your profile picture at the top right of the Home Feed
    • Select Bookmarks 
    • Select Labels
    • Select the label name you used to indicate where you left off and then select Bookmarks again (top left)
    • You can delete any of the old “Left Off ” bookmarks by tapping the three dots at the bottom of the bookmark and tapping the delete icon and then Delete in the confirmation box

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