Settings Summary on iOS

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Settings can be accessed by selecting More on bottom menu and then Settings

The settings are grouped under the following headings


These are account related items that have detailed explanation in the Account HelpDocs section


Language - opens a menu for language changes to the app interface, the reading text or the plans text

Downloading images - opens a menu for setting how images will download to the app. These settings can help you reduce data costs

Color Theme - opens menu for various color themes

Low Light - options to turn low light on/off/automatic

Enable Keyboard - turns on a special keyboard that's useful for quickly finding & inserting Bible verses into text messages. A more detailed explanation of this feature is available in our Bible Keyboard document

Bible Reading

Font Size - sizes from 10 pt to 30 pt are available

Red Letters - toggle to display red letters in Bible versions that have them

Cross References - toggle to display cross reference marker (3 dots) when available

Footnotes - toggle to display footnotes marker (3 dots) when available

Show Verse picker - toggle to select if verses are included in the book/chapter/verse menu

Show Audio Tracking Bar - toggle to turn off auto scroll of text when listening to audio Bibles


Completion Notices - toggle to turn on/off completed day screen after you finished readings for the day

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