Images—create and share verse on iOS

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You can share a Bible verse as an image from inside the Bible App on your mobile device.

To create a verse image

  1. Select the verse(s) you want to share
  2. Select Image on the action menu that appears 
  3. Scroll down to select a background for your verse (some verses may also have pre-made images from which to choose). Select the background image you want to use
  4. Select Choose Image 
  5. Customize your image with fonts, colors, and other effects
    1. Some of the newer fonts need to be downloaded in order to use them. Select the word Download to the right of the font name as you view the font list.
    2. to delete a downloaded font swipe from right to left across it's name in the font list & select Delete
  6. Tap the text to edit the words and reference
  7. Drag the text with your finger to move it around the background. Drag with two fingers to change the shape of the text box without changing the font size
  8. Select Save
  9. Select Done or Share

 How to  select your own photos as backgrounds for your Verse Images 

  1. On the Choose Images screen, select the gray image icon in the first square
  2. Follow the prompts to the photos you already have on your device and select the one you want
  3. Adjust and crop your image before you add your verse

Note: The app must have access to your photos.  If it does not, you can change this setting by going to the iOS Settings app and then Privacy -> Photos -> Bible to ensure that the slider is set to ON.

To share your existing verse image 

  1. Select your profile picture at the top of the Home feed
  2. Select Images 
  3. Scroll to find the verse image you created and want to share
  4. Select the 3 dots at the bottom right of the image moment
  5. Select Share
  6. Select the desired icon to process the image and follow the prompts 


  • Verse image moments appear in the Community feed in your profile feed and in your Images feed
  • You can save an image to your iOS photos - follow the steps above for sharing an existing verse image; choose Save Image from the share page
  • Selecting a verse image in single moment view will open the Bible reader to that verse

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