Fonts and Dark mode on Android

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Font selection and size menus
  1. Select Aa in Reading page
  2. Select A- (smaller) or A+ (larger)
  3. Select the desired spacing between lines by selecting spaced lines
  4. Select dark or white mode by selecting the white or black circle
  5. Select Font for a menu to change enabled app font
    1. Enabled font will have a check after the font name
    2. Select the desired font from the list (It may auto download)
Select ADD FONTS for fonts not shown
  • In the app, we have removed a lot of system fonts to decrease app file size and download time
  • Different devices that are sold around the world come pre-equipped with certain fonts for that part of the world or that manufacturer
  • You may already have the desired font on your device so check in Android system fonts first
Android System fonts (fonts already on your device but not enabled in app)
  1. Select Android system fonts in drop down menu
  2. Scroll and choose desired font and it will auto download into app
  3. To enable font in app,(check) select font under OTHERS
  4. To save space you can also delete added fonts. (long press on font to get the delete menu)
Custom Fonts (Especially good for non Latin alphabet and scripts)
  • Download a custom font from an external source provider to a device storage folder (Usually Downloads)
  • You need to search for a site on the internet that allows you to download a special font and then follow the instructions on that site to download the font to the device downloads folder.
  • You may need to unzip download to access the font file.
  1. After download from external site, Select Custom Fonts
  2. Open the folder to which you downloaded the font
    1. Select the desired font file
    2. The font should appear under OTHERS
    3. To enable the font in the app (check) select it in OTHERS

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