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Start and manage Plans With Friends as the host
  1.  Select a plan to use. For information on how to start a plan select link here 
  2.  Select With Friends
  3.  Choose a start date.
  • Choose a date that is convenient for all the participants
  • The plan will have a specific start and end date that can not be changed after it is started
  • You can't move the date with Catch Me Up as users are locked to the selected dates
  • To change date before the plan starts,
    • Open plan page and select the  plan
    • Select  Menu (three dots) in top corner and then Settings
    • Select CHANGE PLAN DATE and then choose date
  1. Select Invite Friends
  2. Invite your friends either from your YouVersion friends list by selecting their name 
  3. By selecting the link
  • It will give a message saying copied
  • Paste that link into email or whatever app you want
  • Only the host can send initial invites. If the host shares the link other invitees can share it with others. The host can also remove participants that are not supposed to be on the plan , e.g if they were invited by mistake.
  1. Select the Share icon (Box with up arrow)
  • Select an app you have installed and follow the direction on the app
  • After the initial start only the link and share will be available
  1. Participants will be automatically added when they accept your invitation
Remove participants
  1. Selecting Participants  beside the participants picture
  2. Selecting the X behind their name and then Yes in the next screen
  3. If the host selects Stop Reading This Plan in Settings, the person who has been part of the plan the longest automatically becomes the host
  4. If you want to close a plan you must remove all participants first
How host to invite others after initial start
  1. Open the My Plans page
  2. Tap on plan you want to share 
  3. Tap Share in top corner 
  • you can then pick the app you want to send invites via and 
  • Follow the prompts in the app
  • If you want to use the link for the plan then copy it from within the app 
Join or leaving a plan as a participant
  1. A YouVersion account is required to participate. To get a YouVersion account select link here
  2. Sign into your account and then  accept the invite from the host
  3. If you have that plan as an individual you need to stop it first before you join a group plan. Select link here on how to stop plan
  4. The plan will automatically be added to your My Plans section
  5. Participants can leave any time they want by going to Menu (three dots) then Settings and  select Stop Reading This Plan at bottom of the page
Sharing plan
  1. Only the host can send initial invites or remove participants that are not supposed to be on the plan , e.g if they were invited by mistake.
  2. If the host sends out an invite link, other invitees can forward that link and anyone who accepts will be part of the plan 
  3. If  the host removes a participant, the plan becomes a regular plan in that participants My Plans page
  4. If the participant is removed by mistake, the participant can not get back in

Multiple  instances of the same plan
  • You can only have one instance of a plan at one time.
  • If you have a plan as a personal plan you can not invite others to the same plan as a Plan with Friends or join another Plan with friends
  • On differences between plans and Plan with Friends select link here.
  • Some devices will not open to the plan but go to a browser
  • Open the same link with a computer and then accept the plan
  • The plan will then show up on all your devices if you sign in with the same email and password

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