Block or Report User on Android

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Reasons to block or report user
  • It may sometimes be the case that you receive recurring friend requests from someone you don’t know or from someone you would rather not have on your YouVersion friend list
  • You may also come across a user who puts inappropriate content in their profile or comments
  • While we hope neither of these things happen, features have been added that will allow you to block those requests or report users
To block a user to stop friend requests
  1. Select the two person icon in the top menu
  2. Select the picture or name of the person you want to block from their profile
  3. Select overflow menu (3 dots at the top right)
  4. Select Block in the drop down menu
  5. Accept the confirmation prompt 
  6. Swipe down to refresh
  • You will not receive any friend requests from them
  • YouVersion won't let them know you've blocked them
Unblocking a user
  1. Select the Unblock button on a blocked user’s profile view
  2. Accept the confirmation prompt
  3. The user is unblocked and their profile will no longer show BLOCKED
  4. You can now become friends again by sending new friend request to them and if they accept, add then as a friend
Reporting a user
  1. View a user’s profile
  2. Select the overflow menu (3 dots at the top right)
  3. Select Report User
  4. Select the reason why you are reporting the user
  5. Your report will be sent to YouVersion and will remain anonymous.

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