Notes—create, view, edit and delete on Android

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In order to access notes, you must have a stable network connection (Data, or WiFi) and be signed in to your account in the app
Creating a note with a Bible reference
  1. On the READ page, select the verse(s) for which you want to create a note
    • Just select anywhere in the verse to underline it
  2. A pop-up menu will appear
  3. Select NOTE (you may need to scroll left or right)
  4. Type the notes content under What would you like to say?
    1.  To change the privacy status, select the down arrow behind Private Note at the top menu
      • Private Note will make it only available to you​
      • Friends Only will make it available only to your YouVersion Friends
      • Public Note will make it available to everyone, in community notes 
    2. Select + ADD VERSE to add additional Bible references
      1. Select the reference you want to add from the menu (just like selecting verse in Read)
      2. Select check mark at the bottom right to add
    3. Select the color you want your note to be highlighted. Scroll the color bar for more colors
      1. Select the three dots for custom color (on far right)
      2. Select anywhere in box for custom color and then pick SELECT to enable color in verses
  5. Select SAVE
  6. Note will be saved on our servers under your account 
  7. If you do not want to save, then select the back arrow at the top left menu
  8. Reader Verse Indicator
    • When you save a note you will get a square box icon around the verse number
    • This is to indicate you have some action selected in these verses if you have no color selected
    • Select this icon to take you directly to the note for viewing or editing
    • The verse indicator will only show up in the translation you created the note
Creating a note without a Bible reference
  1. Select your initials or profile picture in top menu
  • You may need to select More in main menu first
  1. Select Notes
  2. Select the pencil icon in the top menu bar
  3. Follow the same procedure as listed above
Viewing, editing or deleting your notes 
  1. From the Home page, select your initials or profile picture in top menu
  2. Select Notes
  3. Select the List (three line) icon in the top right to toggle between normal or condensed view
  • Notes are always listed from newest to oldest
  • In the normal view, you will see date added for each Note, and the first line of the Note text, and the verse reference
  • In the condensed view, you will see the first few words of the note, the date, and the reference, if any
  1. Select the note to see the full moment view
  2. Select Actions (three dot icon) at the bottom to
  • Read
  • Share
  • Copy
  • Compare
  • Edit
  • Delete
  • Another way to view yours and other people’s Notes is while reading a passage
  1. Select the verse like you were going to create a note 
  2. Select RELATED (scroll to the far right in the pop-up menu)
  3. Select MY to see Notes you have created for the verse (if any)
  4. Select RELATED NOTES to see community notes that others have created for the verse

  • Using too many different colored Notes will get confusing
  • Keep your color scheme simple and perhaps use a specific color for Notes different from what your use for bookmarks and highlights
  • These are the options for finding a specific note in your list:
    • You can scroll through the list of notes
    • There is no label (category) for notes like there is for bookmarks

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