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To create a verse image
  1. Select Read (book icon) from the home screen menu
  2. Select the verse(s) you want to use
  3. Select IMAGE in the pop-up menu
  4. Select an image background for your Verse image from your gallery or from displayed images
For image from your gallery, tap first blank (mountain) tile
How to select your own photos backgrounds 
  1. On the Choose Images screen, select the Mountain icon in the first square
  2. Follow the prompts to the photos you already have on your device and select the one you want
  3. You need to set up the size and the part of the image you want to use as background
    1. This can done by moving the blue square over the desired part
    2. Sizing can be done by drawing the top and or bottom line of the square to the desired size
    3. Choose Square or rectangle and then select Next
Select a YouVersion background
  1. Scroll and tap image from selection
    1. Select Choose Image to continue.
    2. Select down arrow in top menu to return to selection pages
Edit your image
  1. Tt Desired fonts.
    1. Select the desired font in drop down list
    2. For additional font info and how to use custom fonts select link here
  2. Aa Font size
    1. Set by the slider (left = smaller; right = larger)
    2. Line height and letter spacing. Both can be toggled by buttons labeled "+" and "-".
    3. Right, Center or Left align by selecting symbols
  3. Square or rectangle for orientation
  4. Tear drop Color and opacity
    1. Select opacity with slider
    2. Choose white or black lettering with check mark
    3. Select colors by selecting palette and choosing color. This also has opacity selector to the right
  5. Three broken lines Blur and Brightness
  6. Edit text or add text
    1. Select the text in the image to bring up the text editor. Use the keyboard to make changes
    2. While in the text editor, you can also change the width of the displayed passage by selecting side bars
    3. To get back to main page, tap anywhere in image outside of the two vertical lines
  7. Select Save in top right to finish or back arrow to get back to images
  8. Select Share to share with apps on your device 
Verse image moments appear in your home feed and in your Image feed in Menu
Selecting a verse image in single moment view will open the Bible reader to that verse

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