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Change Profile Picture
  1. Select Settings (gear icon) in top header
  • On the Mobile web select the profile pic or initial first at right of top menu
  1. Select Change Picture 
  2. Select the file for your picture by selecting Browse
  3. Use your computer to select the desired picture from your files
  4. Select Update My Picture
  5. You will receive message  Success! You've updated your picture. It may take up to several minutes for your avatar to be updated.


Picture Size
  • The file size less must be less than  than 1 Mb.
  • Image size preferably 100 x 100 pixels
  • Use a photo editor software to resize and save before uploading.

If you are getting an error message during upload, or your picture is not displaying in your profile, check the file and pixel size.

Rotated image
  • Once you upload the image, if the image is rotated, you must fix the rotation on your device/computer and re-upload
  • YouVersion does not manipulate the images in any way.
  • The problem is that the preview image is likely rotated correctly, but the actual image is not. This can be fixed using your photo editing software.
Delete Image
  • At this time, there isn't a way to delete an image from your profile.
  • If you must remove the current image in your profile, the recommended solution is to take a picture of an object and upload that as your profile picture.

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