Images - Share, Delete on Android

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Share Images
  1. Select your initials or profile picture in top menu (Home page)
  2. Select the Images icon
  3. Scroll to find the verse image you want to share
Other actions for images
  1. Select the 3 dots icon at the bottom right of the image for the following options
    1. Read - Will open verse in Reader page
    2. Share - described below
    3. Pray - Will open Add Prayer page to make a prayer with verse only
    4. Compare Versions - Opens verse to Compare to compare with other versions
    5. Delete - Deletes image: Caution There is no confirm and once deleted the image can not be recovered
  2. Select Share 
    1. Opens Download Image
      1. This saves image to your device memory and is available in the picture viewer under Pictures album
      2. This makes images available to be exported from your device
    2. Share Via opens all the apps that are on your device to share the image

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