Missing Highlights, Bookmarks or Notes on iOS

Updated 11 months ago by Keiran Davidson

It is unlikely that your Highlights, Bookmarks, or Notes are truly missing. They are sometimes just not visible on you mobile device for various reasons. 

You can verify that your Highlights, Bookmarks and Notes are still in existence by looking at the server copy:

  • Go on the web and sign-in at Bible.com
  • Select your profile picture or initial in top header and then Bookmarks or Notes
  • If your Bookmarks or Notes appear, there is no big problem, you just need to get fully signed-in and connected to our servers on your mobile device to view them

Here are some things to try:

  1. Tap More in the navigation bar at the bottom (iPad users tap Menu first) then tap Settings.
    • If your name appears under Account, you are signed in.  If you are certain you know your password, sign out then sign in again to refresh the connection to your account at the server. Then see if Highlights, Bookmarks, and Notes are now visible.
    • If Sign up or Sign In appears under Account, you need to sign in, then see if Highlights, Bookmarks, and Notes are now visible.
  2. From the Settings screen, scroll to the bottom and tap Refresh, then check to see if Highlights, Bookmarks, and Notes are visible.


If you have a lot of bookmarks or notes, allow the first group to completely download before you tap and pull down. If you reload too rapidly, your connection may time out.

If you get a “timed out” or “connection” related message during any of this, you may need to go to an area with at stronger signal and retry.

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