Bible Reading Settings on Android

Updated 6 months ago by Wayne L Harms

Bible Reading settings on Android

  1. Select More (three lines) in main menu
  2. Select Settings
  3. Scroll down to Bible reading
  4. Most settings are set by selecting toggle switch off or on. If no toggle select item to open menu.

Here are a listing of settings

  • Show footnotes
  • Red Letter
  • Low Light (for night reading)
  • Show Verse Picker (this lets you select by verse when you select a passage)
  • Show audio Tracking Bar (This turns audio bar and scroll off or on)
  • Clear Search History
  • Clear Local cache (for troubleshooting)
  • Manage Fonts (to delete fonts to save device memory)
    • Long Press on font to get delete menu
  • Manage Offline Version
    • Select downloaded versions
    • Select drop down (green arrow) for external or internal memory or delete

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