Edit Password on Android

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You must be signed into your account and know the current password to edit the password. If you are not signed in, select here for more information

How to change your password on Android

  1. ​Select More (three lines) icon
  2. Scroll down and select Settings
  3. Select Edit Profile
  4. Scroll down and select EDIT PASSWORD
If you know your password
  1. Type your current password in the first box
If the current password is incorrect, "Incorrect password!" is displayed
  1. Type in your newly selected password in the second box
  2. Select CHANGE
​If the password is accepted you will be taken back to the previous screen
If you don't remember your password
  2. Enter your Email address and select Send
Message "We will attempt to send a reset password email to your email address. Click the link in that email to continue" is displayed
  1. Check your inbox for an email from no-reply@youversion.com
  2. Open the email and select RESET PASSWORD
  3. Enter your password in both New and Confirm password boxes
  4. Select Change Password
  • Passwords must be between 6 and 32 characters long and are case sensitive

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