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Updated 10 months ago by Alan Haggard

  • Before the Bible App can show you images, they must be downloaded first
  • This is best with a strong Internet connection. If you have low signal on either Wi-Fi or cellular, images may not load quickly
  • This procedure will help you use less data by specifying which conditions the Bible App should consider before it loads images
  • If you choose not to download images, the Bible App will display text instead wrapped in placeholders with attractive colors
To adjust download
  1. Select More (3 lines) 
  2. Select Settings (gear icon)
  3. Select Download Images for selections
  4. Select desired circle and then tap DONE
  • Auto Detect: Download images at the optimum resolution available, based on the current network signal strength
  • Wi-Fi Only: Only download images when your device is connected to a wireless network
  • Always: Always download the highest-resolution images available
  • Never: Never download images, regardless of network connection

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