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Sign up Options
  • Your YouVersion account is completely free
  • Having an account allows you to access your personal content from any device that is supported by the Bible App
  • You will then be able to save notes, bookmarks, plans and images
  • To create an account after installation, open the app and select Sign Up and then select one of the following
 From the first menu select Sign Up With Google (if you have gmail)
  2. From the pop up screen select the Gmail account you want to use for the account
  3. Your YouVersion account is created and you are signed in with your Google password
If you want to use your Facebook account
  1. Select Facebook
  2. Your YouVersion account is created and you are signed in
For email accounts, select EMAIL
  1. You can choose accounts you already have on the device or select None of the Above for a different email
  2. For None of the Above email, Enter first and last name, email and select a password
  3. Select SIGN UP to complete the registration
  4. Select YES to confirm your email is correct
  • Confirm Account - Check the email address used to create the account and find the email from Go back to the app and select CONTINUE (ACCOUNT CONFIRMED will be displayed)
  • Verification email is only needed for signing up with email. If email is not not received, select here
Password length minimum is 8 characters with a maximum of 32 characters. Passwords are case sensitive.

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