Settings Summary on Android

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Settings can be accessed by selecting More (three lines) in bottom menu and then Settings

The settings are grouped under the following headings


These are account related items that have detailed explanations in the Account HelpDocs section


Language - opens a menu for language changes to app, the reading text or the plans text

Download image - opens a menu for setting the down loading of images. This is useful for phone users on data plans to limit data usage

Color Theme - opens menu for various themes as well as low light

App theme - this will give you access to specialized themes from YouVersion partners such as Wycliffe Bible Translators

Bible Reading

Font - gives access to Font screens

Show Footnotes - (cross references) toggle switch to show footnotes in Bible versions that have them

Red Letters - toggle to display red letters in Bible versions that have them

Low Light - toggle to turn on night or low light screen

Show Verse picker - toggle to select if verses are included in the Switch Books selection

Show Audio Tracking Bar - toggle to turn off auto scroll and marker of text in Audio Bible Reader

Clear Search History - clears the search history

Clear Local Cache - useful in troubleshooting

Manage Offline Fonts - used to delete extra offline fonts

Manage Offline Versions - used to delete downloaded versions

Extra Logging - used for troubleshooting. You may be asked to turn on to help support


Day Complete Dialog - toggle to turn on completed day screen after you finished readings for the day

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