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Updated 6 months ago by Nizia Dantas

Issue: If you can sign in on but get error when signing in to the Android Bible app

You will need to know your password. If you need a new one select link here for Forgot password reset.

Solution: You need to change password in the Android device.

Password data is saved in data of app so that needs to be cleared.

Removing old sign in data
  1. Go to Settings in your device
  2. Select Apps > Bible and Clear data and then confirmation OK
    1. Depending on you Device and android version you may have different menus. Here are a couple of examples
    2. On Lg (Android 8.0) it is Settings > General > Apps and Notifications > App info> Bible > storage and then Clear data
    3. On Samsung (Android 7.1.1) it is Settings > Apps> Bible > Storage > Clear data
  3. This removes the sign in info. You will not loose plans, bookmarks and notes but will need to download offline Bibles and downloaded fonts again
Sign in with new password
  1. Open Bible app from device menu
  2. Select HAVE AN ACCOUNT? SIGN IN from bottom menu
  3. Select EMAIL
    1. Manually type in email (Use same email and password as on or other device)
    2. Manually type in password
    3. Select SIGN IN
    4. Bible will open and at the bottom is Save password to Google
    5. Select SAVE if you want it for future sign in
  5. Download your added fonts and selected Bible Versions

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