Google Smart Lock

Updated 1 week ago by Wayne L Harms

Issue: Changed email but Google Smart lock always uses old sign in credentials to create error

Removing old sign in data
  1. Have the user go to and login to your Google Password account
  2. Go down to Bible app and delete all sign in credentials
Sign in with new password
  1. Open Bible app from device menu
  2. Select HAVE AN ACCOUNT? SIGN IN from bottom menu
  3. Select EMAIL
    1. Manually type in email (Use the new email you have changed to)
    2. Manually type in password
      1. If you forgot password select Forgot Password for instructions
    3. Select SIGN IN
    4. Bible will open and at the bottom is Save password to Google
    5. Select SAVE if you want it for future sign in
  5. Download your added fonts and selected Bible Versions
  6. If you have multiple devices then change each one to this new email and password

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