Change Font, Footnotes or Verse Numbers in

Updated 2 years ago by Wayne L Harms

To change font type and size​ in versions

  1. ​Select the Aa icon in the menu bar to the right of the passage and version short code​ 
  2. Select any or the available fonts
  3. Select the desired font size. The font and size will change immediately and be saved 
  4. Select the circle in front of Footnotes to turn on (Cross references)
  5. Select  the circle  in front of Numbers and Titles to turn off the verse numbers so the text will not have numbers


  • To open a footnotes select the comment type button in the verse body
  • To close the footnote select the button again
  • They are cross references to other verses related to that verse
    To view then you need to enter that verse manually in the reader. They will not automatically open when you select them


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