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 Bookmarks  and Highlights
  • Friends can see all of your bookmarks and highlights
  • Titles and labels of a bookmark can NOT be seen by any users, including friends.
  • It is not possible to change the privacy settings of bookmarks and highlights 
Reading Plans
  • The first time you start a plan, you will be asked if you would like your plan to be visible to your friends
  • Your plan progress will then be visible on your friends' home page as activity moments
  • To change setting go to Settings in your plan and change the Privacy to Share with Friends or Set to Private
  1. Notes can be viewed by your friends unless the Privacy setting is Private
  2. The default setting for a note is Private
  3. Here are the available settings
  • Public will make it available to everyone in community notes
  • Friends will make it available only to your YouVersion Friends
  • Private will make it only available to you
  • Draft is for saving and creating longer notes to you for future editing
  1. Set or edit the setting to Friends so only your friends can see them

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