Sign in & Out on Android

Updated 6 months ago by Val Weinstein

How to sign in from the main menu
  1. Select the person icon in top menu
    1. Select Continue with Google if you want to use your gmail account. Please be careful to sign in using the same information each time. Otherwise you may create a 2nd account
    2. For other email accounts, select HAVE AN ACCOUNT SIGN IN in bottom menu
    3. For email accounts, select EMAIL and follow the prompts
    4. If you want to use your Facebook account select FACEBOOK and follow the prompts
How to sign out
  1. Select More (three lines) in bottom menu
  2. Scroll down and select Settings
  3. Select Sign Out at the top right
Same account, multiple devices

​You can be signed in on more than one device

Use the same account credentials and data will sync across all your web and phone devices

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