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Bookmarks on Android

Last Updated: Nov 20, 2018 12:32PM CST

Bookmarks mark a continuation point for reading similar to using a bookmark in a paper Bible.

Create Bookmark

  1. Select the Read (book) icon
  2. Select the verse(s) to bookmark
  3. From the bottom menu that appears, select BOOKMARK 
  4. Select Options to add a Title, Label or Color to the Bookmark
  5. Select SAVE

View Bookmarks

Bookmarks can be viewed within the Bible Reader or on the Bookmarks screen.

In the Bible Reader the bookmark will be highlighted in the color that you choose when you created it.

To view from the Bookmarks screen
  1. Select the More (three line) icon
  2. Select BOOKMARKS in second menu line
  3. ​​Select  the List icon at the top right to choose between two views
    • One view is list view which shows a summary view with only a small part of the verse shown for each bookmark and the other is a preview view which shows most or all of the verse linked to the bookmark.

Delete Bookmark

From the Bookmarks screen:
  1. Scroll to find a bookmark to remove
  2. Select Actions (stacked dots) icon
  3. Select Delete
  4. Select OK to confirm


Bookmarks are only displayed within the version in which they were created. For example, if the bookmark was created in Genesis 1:1 NIV, the bookmark will only be available in the NIV version.

Bookmarks can be created, viewed and deleted while offline and will be synced once online again.
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