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Widgets - Troubleshoot and Load

Last Updated: Oct 02, 2018 01:22PM CDT
General Widget troubleshooting
  1. Update to most recent version of the app
  2. Confirm the app is not loaded on your SD card (if you have one)
  3. If you moved the app to your SD card, you'll need to move it back to internal memory in order to use the widget
To load widget to your device screen 
  1. Go to the desired screen on your device and make room for a widget by removing unused icons or widgets if necessary (at least two rows)
  2. Tap and hold on a blank area of  the screen  
  3. Alternate - On some devices you select the App/Widget button (circle with 6 squares in it) 
    1.  Select Widgets at the top
    2. The list with every widget available for your phone will display. Choose the Verse of the Day widget. This is in alphabetical order, so will be at the end of the list of widgets
  4. Select  Widgets
  5. The list or display with every widget available for your phone will display
  6. Under the Bible heading, select the Verse of the Day widget. Tap and hold and move to the 
    desired page
  7. Select either Black or White Color theme (background widget color)  
  8. Select if you want transparency (To see page wallpaper)
  9. Select the Bible translation, if you want to change to another translation
  10. Select Save
  11. Adjust the size of the widget by tapping and holding your finger on the widget  until four dots appear at each side of the widget. Drag one of the dots out to make it larger, or push the dot in to make it smaller

If the widget ever becomes dysfunctional or you want to change Bible translations (VOTD), simply drag to the trash, then follow the steps above to reload the widget again.

At the bottom of the widget are 
  • VIEW All  - To review all Verse of the day
  • Settings (gear icon) - To set push notification
  • Image (picture) - To add images
  • Share - to share via social media
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