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How to use a reading plan on

Last Updated: Nov 02, 2018 01:47PM CDT
To use a plan you need to have first selected one. For plan selection select link here

To use reading plans you will need a YouVersion account and be signed in to that account.

  • You can sign in to the same account with multiple devices.
  • For account creation select  link here.
  • To sign in select link here
You need have a good internet connection. Plans are NOT available offline on the

For information on differences between Plans and Plans with Friends select link here.

How to use a reading plan

Reading plans will autocomplete if you follow these instructions.
  1. Select Plans (check mark)
  • On the Mobile web select the Menu (three lines) first
  1. Select My Plans if they are not displayed. This will display a page of your current reading plans
  2. Select the plan you want to read
  3. Check to see you are on the correct day - for calendar information select link here
  4. Select Start Reading
  • If you are using audio in a plan you can now select the audio and it will complete that reference and continue reading until the day is complete
  • For audio information select link here
  1. After reading the selection, select the at  the side to get to next reference
  2. On Plans with Friends enter a comment in the Talk it Over as described below
  3. Once you are finished all the readings, select the . This will mark the day as complete in the weekly calendar and full calendar
  4. Check the  in the plan complete page to get to plans page
  5. Days with no content will automatically be checked as read
Plans with Friends Talk it Over comments
  1. On Plans with Friends  to comment in the Talk it Over page
  • Enter your comment in Write something here beside your picture
  • Select Post
  • Select 
  • Select complete day checkmark
  • There is a limit of 1000 characters
  1. To view each participants activity select the day of activity on the weekly calendar
  • Each participant icon will have a check if they have read and completed the day
  • To see the talk it over comments, select Talk it Over at bottom of each day (Not circle)
  • All the comments will be listed for the day
  • You can like somone's comment by selecting the heart in their comment moment
  • All participants who like a comment will have their profile pic in a menu line below that moment
  • You can edit or delete your comment by selecting the Menu (three dots) at bottom and then Edit or Delete
  • You can also add additional comments just like the first time
  • You may also get email or notification from each participant as they comment. To mange those select link here
How to view comments in plans you have completed​
  1. Select Completed Plans
  2. Select the plan you want to view the comments 
  3. Select the date and the Talk it Over on that date


To open the Menu for more settings select the three dot icon to the right of Share on the plan page

This will open a drop down box with additional options
  • Settings gives Privacy and Plans with Friends notifications. For detailed information select link here
  • Plan info will give you the publishers information and web site
  • For information on how to Catch Me Up, select link here
  • For  stop plan information, select link here
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