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Actions on Android

Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018 11:26AM CST
This is information on the Actions items that appear when a verse is selected in the Bible Reader.

Highlight - Tap the color you want. To delete highlight tap the colored verse and then the color with an X More information can be found here.

Share - This  is used for sharing verse in the app with other apps. Only apps installed to the device are options to use for sharing. i.e. Sharing to Facebook is only an option if the Facebook app is installed to the device.

Image - This is used to create images for selected verse to be share within the app or via social media. More information can be found here.

Compare - This is used to compare different versions. More information can be found here.

Bookmark  - This is used to create Bookmarks of selected verse. More information can be found here.

Note -  This button is used as a shortcut to creating a Note using the currently selected verse. More information can be found here.

Copy -  Tap this to copy the verse and reference  and version to the clipboard. There is temporary Verse Copied messageJust open another app and paste.

Related - This is used to view moments created using the selected verse. Moments are created when highlighting, bookmarks, etc. Two tabs are on the Moments screen. MY which lists moments created by the user of the account the device is signed into and RELATED NOTES which lists Notes by other users that were marked Public in the privacy settings of the note.
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