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How to use a reading plan on Android

Last Updated: Aug 31, 2018 05:17PM CDT

To use reading plans you must be signed in to your account. Select link here .

To use a plan you need to have first selected one. See how to select one here.

How to use a plan online on Android

  1. Select Plans icon (check mark)
  2. Under My Plans, select the plan you want to read
  • A page  with the name of the plan, a weekly calendar, day of plan and devotional and / or references will be displayed
  • For other plan options, tap the Settings (three vertical dots) icon in the top menu. See ADDITIONAL INFORMATION below
  1. Swipe forward or backward in the weekly calendar to move to previous day or next day
  2. Tap the  in the page bottom to go to the devotional content or next reference
  • It the scripture has audio it will have an audio icon in the top menu
  • If the plan has devotional audio it will have an icon in the top right of the Devotional page
  • If you select audio, it will auto forward to next passage
  • For more information on audio in plans, select link here
  1. Once you are finished all the readings, select the . This will mark the day as complete in the weekly calendar and full calendar
  2. For Plans with Friends, complete Talk it Over as described below
  3. On the day complete page, select the check mark to return to plan page
Plans with Friends Talk it Over comments
  1. To comment in the Talk it Over page on Plans with Friends, 
  • Enter your comment in Write your response
  • Select forward arrow
  • Select   in bottom menu
  • Select complete day check mark to finish day
  • There is a limit of 1,000 characters
  1. To view each participants activity select the day of activity on the weekly calendar
  • Each participant icon will have a check if they have read and completed the day
  • To see the talk it over comments, select Talk it Over at bottom of each day (Not circle)
  • All the comments will be listed for the day
  • You can also add additional comments in Write your response and then select forward arrow to post
  • You can like someone's comment by selecting the heart in their comment box
  • All participants who like a comment will have their profile pic in a menu line below that comment
  • You can edit or delete your comment by tapping the Menu (three dots) at bottom and then Edit or Delete
  • You may also get email or notifications from each participant as they comment. To manage those select link here
How to view comments in plans you have completed​
  1. Select Completed Plans at bottom of page
  2. Select the plan you want to view the comments 
  3. Select the date and the Talk it Over on that date
How to use a plan offline on Android 
  • To prepare to work offline, the plans must be opened online first as described above
    • Update before closing by swiping down in the plan page.
    • You should get a rotating circle icon while the plan information updates on the device from the YouVersion servers
  • While offline, use the plan as you normally would
  • You may get warning messages about some functions not being available
  • You can only read references in downloaded translations. Select download Bible link here
  • As soon as you get back online, open the plan to update with our servers
  • This saves the info as a backup for your device and a current update for your other devices  


To use audio with plans select link here 

Weekly Calendar in main plan page

  • At the right below the days is On Track  or X MISSED DAYS
    • On track means you are current with all readings
    • Tap X MISSED DAYS to open a missing days page
    • Tap on a day to make that day the current day
    • If you select the circle in front of the day that will mark day as read
    • This is a quick way to mark a lot of missed days when using the Catch me Up
  • Today's date  is highlighted with a green box
  • The  reference or devotional has circle in front of it and will have a check mark if read
  • You can manually mark days as read by tapping on the circle in front of all the references to insert a check mark (Tapping a check mark will also remove it)
  • All readings need a check in order the day to be checked as read
Settings Drop down menu items
  • Catch me up - Select link here
  • Reminder - Select to on if you want a push reminder. Also set time for reminder
  • Privacy - Tap to get another menu where you can adjust privacy. For more privacy details select  link here
  • Stop this Plan - Select link here
Plan Info
  • Information about the publisher with contact web site
  • Days of the plan have black print. Days outside the plan are grey
  • Tap any unfinished day to take you to that day in the main plan page
  • You must mark all the day's readings on the plan page, and then a check mark will appear here and in the weekly calendar
  • Swipe up and down for previous or next month
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