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How can I print my bookmarks, plans and notes on Android

Last Updated: Sep 01, 2018 01:30PM CDT

Backing up or Exporting

If you are connected and signed in to the app, then your bookmarks and notes are automatically saved and backed up at our servers.

There is no External Backup or Export function in the app to directly provide you a local backup copy.

Printing plans

  • There is no provision in YouVersion to print plans or Bible versions
  • The plans we get from the publishers are for online presentation only. Our license with them does not allow for third party distribution or printing
  • You can contact the publisher to see if they have their plan available in print.

How to copy a note on Android

  1. Select More (three line) icon in main menu
  2. Select your initials or profile picture in top menu
  3. Select Notes
  4. Notes are always listed from newest (on top) to oldest (at the bottom)
  5. You will see for each Note the Title, and the first line of the Note text, but not the Verse.
  6. Scroll down to the note you want to copy
    1. To copy the verse only  associated with the note
      1. Select the Actions (three line) icon in bottom right
      2. Select Copy. You will get verse copied  confirmation
      3. Exit the Bible app and select a text editor you have installed on your device and "Tap and Hold" and select paste
    2. To copy the note content you need to select the content with the device copy/paste functions
  7. You can also select your email and paste into the email  

Printing notes

  • You cannot print your Bookmarks or Notes directly from the app
  • If you have  printing capabilities from your device, you print the text editor files or email you created as described above.
  • Also on the web if you have copied to a  Word or text editor document, you could edit and print that file.
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