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How to create and delete bookmarks on Windows app

Last Updated: Jun 01, 2017 10:40AM CDT
As in a paper Bible, a bookmark will help you return to a verse of interest.  You will need to be signed-in to the app to use Bookmarking.

Creating a bookmark
  1. As you are reading a Bible verse, select the verse(s) you want to Bookmark
  2. The Add Bookmark icon at the lower right will become brighter.  Select this icon
  3. A menu will open at the left side
  4. Enter Title to help you remember why you bookmarked the verse
  5. Enter a label to categorize the bookmark
  6. Select color (optional) which displays like a Highlight in your Bible and a color code in your Bookmark list
  7. Then select Add bookmark. The bookmark will be saved and you will return to the Bible verse 

Viewing a bookmark

  1. You can see your list of Bookmarks in the main menu
  2. Select Show All xx  to see all you bookmarks
  3. Bookmarks are always listed from newest (on top) to oldest (at the bottom)
  4. For each bookmark in the list you always see the Verse, Version, and date last modified
  5. For some bookmarks in the list, you will see the optional color, Title, and Label if they were entered
  6. Select  on a bookmark to jump to the bookmarked verse in the specified version
Editing and deleting a bookmark
  1. You can see your list of Bookmarks in the main menu
  2. Select the Show All xx to see all you bookmarks
  3. Right click  (tap and swipe on the tablet) a bookmark you want to edit. It will have a check mark in the top right hand side of the bookmark
  4. Make desired changes and then select update if you want  to edit and save or delete bookmark if you want to delete
A bookmark stores the verse reference as well as the Bible version in which you create it.   If you select a bookmark from the list, it will take you to the bookmarked verse in the original version.  If that is the not the version you want to read, you can change the version by selecting the version short code in the top right corner
Using too many different colored Bookmarks will get confusing.  Some Bible app veterans use a simple color scheme:
  • Blue for Bookmarks so they know when they encounter a blue verse that it has a bookmark associated with it
  • Yellow for highlights (the classic highlighter color) and
  • Another color for Notes
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