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How to create and delete highlights on Windows app *****

Last Updated: Aug 31, 2015 01:46PM CDT
**** Note there is a know error with Windows 8 Highlighting in that  this highlight procedure only works for the first time you get into the chapter. After the first time there are problems. 

Highlighting a verse puts a color background on the verse

Similar to highlighting in a paper Bible the highlight will be visible the next time you encounter the verse in that Bible

It will only be visible in the version that you created it in. It is not  visible if you read the same verse in another Bible version
Creating a highlight

1.     As you are reading a Bible verse, select the verse(s) you want to highlight
2.     Select the  highlight icon at the bottom right (It becomes becomes bright when a verse is selected)
3.     A panel with colors will appear.  Select a color.  (for color tips, see ADDITIONAL INFORMATION below)
4.     Select  another verse to save the highlight
5.     If you want the underlined selector to be removed just tap or click that verse again and it will toggle off

Viewing a highlight
  • The highlight will  be visible the next time you encounter that verse in the  Bible 
  • It is visible with all devices that you sign in to with the same account
  • The highlight will not be visible if you read the same verse in another Bible version
Deleting a highlight

1.     Do the same process as when you created the highlight
2.     Instead of a specific color select No Color to delete the highlight

You should not use highlighting as a way to tell which verses you have read.  

Consider using a bookmark to indicate where you left off reading

Creating new colors or using too many different colored Highlights will get confusing.  Some Bible App veterans use highlighting only occasionally, and use only Yellow for their highlights, and reserve other colors for Notes and Bookmarks.
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