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How to listen to audio on Windows app

Last Updated: Feb 02, 2017 05:05PM CST

The audio function plays voice recordings made available by the publisher of that Bible version. It is not synthesized speech generated from the text. Audio is available for several Bible versions, but not all. When you tap on the version code (e.g. KJV) to see the list of versions, those with audio available will have a speaker icon at the right of the box for each version

You must have a strong stable internet connection to listen to audio.

To play audio

  1. Open the reading pane of one the Bible versions that has audio (has a speaker icon)
  1. Select the play icon in the top right hand corner (between skip back and ahead if version has audio)
  2. The audio will start at the beginning of the chapter and play only one chapter
  3. Select pause to stop audio
  4. If audio is playing, it will normally continue to play even if you navigate away from the reading pane to do something else on your device. However, the app can also “get stuck” if you try to do other things while audio is playing
  5. If the audio is still on when you are in a different page, get back into the reading pane and select pause

Using audio with a reading plan

  • Audio always starts playing on verse 1 of a chapter, whereas many reading plans reference a particular passage rather than a whole chapter. At this time audio has not been "versified", meaning it can't be broken down by verse. This is why it always starts on verse 1 of a chapter. 


Some versions have audio for the New Testament, but not the Old Testament.

If you notice delays or hiccups, try pausing the audio, wait several seconds to allow your audio to buffer, then resume play.
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