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How to mark my readings as read on Windows Phone

Last Updated: Feb 02, 2017 09:32PM CST

​You are receiving notification emails to start a plan or are behind and have read the readings.
The progress bar in the plan settings page is not showing how far you have read

  • The You version program does not record  you progress when you open the emails
  • you need to manually check each days reading so that it will record as being read
  • in Windows phone the program does not automatically mark as completed when you have read a passage
How to mark readings as read
  1. Tap plans in main menu
  2. Tap  my plans if it is not highlighted
  3. Tap  the plan you want to read
  4. Tap day  if it is not highlighted to show the current days readings
  5. Tap the box at the right side of the passage
  6. A check mark should appear in the box. This marks the passage as read 
  7. Do this for every passage you have read in that day
  8. Tap on the < or > arrow in the bottom menu to move one day back or forth
  9. Repeat for all the days you have read
Monthly Calendar View is available on the web or Mobile web

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