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How to use reading plans on Windows Phone

Last Updated: Feb 02, 2017 09:29PM CST
To Use a Plan you need to have first selected one. See information here
To use Reading Plans you also need be signed-in and have a good internet connection. Plans are NOT available offline for Windows phone

For info about how to sign up for an account see information here

For info on how to sign in to your account see information here
To read a plan and mark as completed

  1. Tap plans in main menu
  2. Tap  my plans if it is not highlighted
  3. Tap  the plan you want to read
  4. Tap day  if it is not highlighted to show the current days readings. This is the plan day menu
  5. The passages for the day are shown with a check box in front of each passage
  6. Tap the reference to open it.
  7. The reading pane will open at the selected verse if it is part way through a chapter
  8. Devotional content (if available) is accessed by taping  today's additional content at the bottom of the page
  9. Read the current dates reading and scroll down if necessary
  10. Once you are finished DO NOT tap on the forward arrow icon the bottom menu  as this will get you out of the reading  plan and into the next chapter.
  11. To get back  to the plan day menu page, tap the back arrow on the Windows phone 
  12. Check for a check mark in the box to the left of the passage your have just read. If no check then tap the box.
  13. This check  marks you passage as read and will help forward the progress bar in the plan settings menu
  14. Select the next reading by clicking on the passage below what you have just read
  15. If there is a devotional attached tap on today's additional content at the bottom of the pane


To get to the next day or previous days passage listing tap on the forward or back arrows in the day plan menu
For more information about marking days and a calendar view  on the web see
information here
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