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How to use Catch me Up on Windows Phone

Last Updated: May 30, 2017 08:35PM CDT

Catch Me Up will reset “today’s reading” to be the day after the last complete day.

Before you click on catch me up, it is a good idea to make sure that:

  • all the readings are marked complete for the 3 days immediately prior to your new “today”.
  • none of the days after the new “today” are marked as complete. This will help ensure the feature works properly.​
  • For reading plan operation see information here

To catch me up

  1. Tap plans in main menu
  2. Tap  my plans if it is not highlighted
  3. Tap  the plan you want to work on
  4. Tap day  if it is not highlighted to show the current days readings
  5. Tap the  a settings icon (looks like three dots in the bottom menu)  and not the word settings
  6. tap catch me up
  7. This will shift today's reading back to your last completed day

For information on how to sync your plan with other users on the web see information here

When you click Catch Me Up, the Start Date and Completion Date will be changed.
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