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How to stop a plan on Window Phone

Last Updated: Feb 02, 2017 09:20PM CST

As a reminder, when you stop a plan, YouVersion removes it from your device and your account immediately. There is no “undo” option for this once you go through with it.

How to stop a plan

  1. Tap plans in main menu
  2. Tap  my plans if it is not highlighted
  3. Tap  the plan you want to work on
  4. Tap day if it is not highlighted to show the current days readings
  5. Tap the settings icon (looks like three dots in the app bottom menu)  
  6. Tap stop this plan
  7. This will delete the plan from your device and account
  • The pin icon will pin this menu to the home screen on your phone
  • The next arrow icon will take you to the next days reading
  • Catch me up will update plan to current date. See information here
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