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How to create and view bookmarks in Windows phone

Last Updated: May 30, 2017 08:19PM CDT
Using bookmarks requires that you are online with a free YouVersion account. Use the same account on all devices.

Information about bookmarks
  • As in a paper Bible, a bookmark will help you return to a verse of interest
  • A bookmark stores the verse reference as well as the Bible version in which you create it
  • If you select a bookmark from the list, it will take you to the bookmarked verse in the original version.
  •  If that is  not the version you want to read, you can  change  it  by selecting the version code to get a list of available versions

How to create a bookmark
  1. Open the Bible reading page 
  2. Tap Bible In main menu
  3. Scroll to and tap the verse(s) you want to bookmark
  4. Tap the three dot settings symbol at bottom of menu
  5. Tap bookmark verse(s)
  6. Enter a title and label
  7. Tap the bookmark icon in bottom of menu
  8. Tap Ok on the Bookmark created message 
How to view  bookmarks
  1. Tap Bookmarks in main menu
  2. The bookmarks will be displayed from the oldest to the newest
  • The bookmark will have the title or reference in bold
  • If there is a title the reference and label follow
  1. Tap the desired bookmark and the bible passage will open in the reading page with the bookmark highlighted
  • If you return to the verse in your regular reading the verse will not be highlighted
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