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Issue - my plan seems stuck on iOS

Last Updated: Sep 11, 2018 10:36PM CDT

If you can't open your plan, try a Quick Reset and then try your Plan again.

If you can see your Reading Plan, but it just won’t advance to the next day, first check to see that you are not actually on the last day of the plan:

  • When viewing the current day of your reading plan, you should see something like "Day 25 of 30"
  • If the statement shows that you are on the last day of the plan (i.e., Day 30 of 30), the plan is not actually stuck - there's just no way to advance because you have reached the end of the plan.  In which case it is likely that there are earlier days that are not marked as read. To view and mark missed days see information here.
If you determine that the plan is, in fact "stuck," try the following:

A.   Jump around the stuck day by
  1. Opening the plan to the stuck day
  2. Scroll the days ribbon to move forward
  3. Select another day beyond the stuck day and complete it
  4. Scroll back to the to the stuck day and complete it

B.  Try to advance to the next day using the website

  1. Using a laptop or desktop computer
  2. Visiting
  3. Sign in with the same email address and password that with the Bible app on your mobile app
  4. Select PLANS
  5. Open the plan to the stuck day
  6. Try to complete the stuck day and advance to the next day
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