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How to complete a plan on iOS

Last Updated: Sep 11, 2018 10:29PM CDT

If things work correctly, a plan will automatically perform its completion routine when you mark the last day of the Plan as “read” :

  • you should see a plan complete notification
  • the plan should be removed from your My Plans list of active plans
  • the plan's title will be added to your list of Completed Plans

If you finish the last day of your plan, but it does not show up as complete:

  1. Look for X Missed Days on the right under the strip of days (alternatively you should see On Track!)
  2. Select  X Missed Days to see which days are not marked as complete
Alternatively, you can search you can search for missing days:
  1. Select the three dots in the upper right and then select Calendar
  2. Days that have not been marked as complete will not have a check mark
  3. Mark the last day of the plan so it is not complete.  Find all the other days without a check and mark them complete.  Then checkoff the readings for the last day again. You should get a normal completion progression.
If you cannot get a Plan to complete properly, you can sign in to your account on the web site and try to complete it there. If that doesn't work you should turn off emails and reminders and just Stop the Plan. Please note that stopping the plan will mean that the plan will not show up in your list of completed plans, but since both you and God know that you completed the plan … this should not be a big deal. See here for instructions on how to stop a plan.

If you really want to have a Plan on your Completed Plans list:
  1. Stop the plan
  2. Start the same plan again
  3. Step through the plan day by day and check off all passages again
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